50 years of Ibuprofen.

50 years controlling pain

It is one of the most famous medicines in history, a must-have in any first-aid kit and a medicine that GPs prescribe for numerous ailments.

Ibuprofen is 50 years old, born over half a century ago in a small laboratory located in the outskirts of Nottingham, developed by Dr. Stewart Adams and the pharmaceutical company Boots.

The first clinical trials began in 1966 and it was later launched commercially in the United Kingdom in 1969 as an efficient remedy for rheumatoid arthritis (marketed in USA and the rest of the world in 1974).

Since then, ibuprofen has been an effective remedy for a multitude of ailments:  headache, toothache, menstrual cramps, fever, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain and countless inflammatory conditions.  In fact today there are over 50 forms of ibuprofen, including gel, spray, tablets, suppositories, cream, sachets of granules… However this medicine leapt to fame in 1983 when it was first sold over the counter in the United Kingdom. A key item in any first-aid kit, toilet bag and handbag, ibuprofen has become a mainstay medicine that we turn to when we require pain relief.  Just give it a try: ask anyone right now if they have an ibuprofen, the likely answer is yes.

Continued research into this drug is constantly discovering new uses: a study at Harvard University found that people who regularly consume ibuprofen have a 38% lower risk of suffering from Parkinson’s and another study highlights that its prolonged use can ward off Alzheimer’s.

Be that as it may, what remains clear is that ibuprofen has changed the lives of millions, becoming an accessible, effective tool in pain relief and making life a little easier.

The future of ibuprofen is guaranteed.

Source: BBC News 

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