New Technologies.

Development of Bilayer

& Multilayer tablets

These tablets are formed of layers with different drug substance formulations.

Through this innovative pharmaceutical form, we develop products that combine ingredients, which would otherwise be incompatible. We also obtain products that combine the same drug substance, with different release speeds, thus achieving immediate effect that lasts over a prolonged period.

These bilayer and multilayer tablets require more complex manufacturing processes for which we have developed suitable technology.


Softgel Capsules 

For dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products.

Different formulations and presentations that meet all needs with the highest pharmaceutical quality for full efficacy, activity and safety of products. Using the most sophisticated technology, the highest quality is achieved in the manufacture of different types of softgel capsules in a multitude of shapes and colours.

The softgel capsule contains a drug substance in liquid or semi-liquid form dissolved inside a one-piece softgel coating, hermetically sealed and tamper-proof. Improving the bioavailability of the products in uniform and precise doses.

Taste Masked (Granules)

Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products, food supplements and other drug substances often have an unpleasant flavour that poses problems for oral administration forms.

When a tablet or capsule is swallowed whole, the material can pass the taste buds mostly undetected. When the material is a chewable tablet, an effervescent or film-coated tablet, solution or suspension or in this case orodispersible granules, the unpleasant flavour is often the main cause for the patient failing to continue treatment.

The Taste Masking technology is used to mask (hide) the unpleasant flavour in these formulations. The most common strategy to mask the flavour involves adding a flavoured coating on the drug substance to delay the release of the product until it has been swallowed.

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